Born in Montpellier, France, in 1976, David Lavaysse began composing and producing music in the mid-90s.
Multi-instrumentalist, he has released several solo albums under the pseudonym "i&fused" on various labels: 'Real fun' (MK label / 1999), 'Expectations' (Serpentine / 1999), 'Kind of clue' (ici d'ailleurs / 2002), 'Slow eater' (ici d'ailleurs / 2008).
Together with fashion sociologist Pascal Monfort, he founded the band 'The Shoppings'. A first album was released in 2007 on the label ici d'ailleurs, a second one in 2018.
In 2011, he founds '1fuse', a sound & plastic production company. Each project is an opportunity to experiment with new forms of collaboration and creations combining sound and graphic design.
With notably the net-artist Annie Abrahams ('Réconfort infini / 2013), the author Thomas Malésieux ('Histoire d'un document retrouvé / 2014), the winemaker Vincent Bonnal ('Pélissols / 2015), the actor and director Jacque Allaire ('Mon crédit / 2016') and the photogapher Cédric Viollet ('Arrondir' / 2018).
Depending on the project, he performs on stage alone or accompanied by musicians in France and abroad in festivals (Transmusicales de Rennes, Nuits sonores de Lyon, ByLarm in Norway, Nancy jazz pulsation, festival Montpellier à 100%,...), in the field of current music venues (the new Casino de Paris, Élysée Montmartre, Café de la danse, Divan du monde, the Trabendo, the Transbordeur,...), on national theatre stages or in French Alliances abroad (Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Burundi, Botswana,...).
He has also been commissioned to compose for theatre and dance (La République de Platon and Le dernier continent by Jacques Allaire, La ville en grâce by Young Ho Nam) and sound design (Dim, Carhartt, UNX, Off-White, Edoki, Worlwide festival, Québec Science,...).
In September 2019, he immerses himself solo in the Amazonian rainforest to make recordings that reflect the sound diversity of this ecosystem.
In November 2019, he creates 'Manhwa', a show in collaboration with the Korean cartoonist Young-Wook Beck, at the Comédie de Montpellier opera house.
A new creation based on Homer's Odyssey was due to be performed there in November 2020, but had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. A video entitled 'Calypso' was nevertheless produced.
"The Manhwa Odyssey was presented at the Montpellier Opera in November 2021 and will be performed in Seoul in July 2022.

Other projects to be released in 2022 include a new solo album made on a 4-track cassette recorder, a collaboration with tattoo artist Dino C'est chiant, one with artist Véronique Béland and another with 2 CNRS laboratories (robotics / membrane dynamics & viruses).

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