" Réconfort infini "
(after Annie Abrahams)

- 1mn sound loop -

Sound & design : David Lavaysse.

Voices : Annie Abrahams, Annalisa Cocozza, Claire Oyallon and Charlotte Winling.

Text from the exhibition " Training for a Better World "
(Annie Abrahams / CRAC LR Sète / nov-dec 2011)
'Rassur' - Participatif writing on the wall. Construction of a reassuring words cloud -
Reworked on a 5 days residency at 'Living Room' (Montpellier / sept 2012).
Instruments : voices, cello, guitar, percussions, xylophone, metallophone, pure data.
Édition of 10 numbered audio tapes. Hand made. 1mn infinite loop. Woodburned cherry artwork.

January 2013
Le texte
Je vais bien.
Ne t'en fais pas.
Tout va bien.
De toute manière on va tous mourir.
Ce n'est pas fini.
Il fait délicieux ce soir.
Le soleil va se lever.
Le bonheur est un idéal de l'imagination.
Je vais être mon propre savant.
Personne ne peux ébranler ma cage aujourd'hui.
Tant que l'on pourra jouer, dis-moi 'je t'aime'.
... Il n'y a personne.
C'est normal d'avoir peur.
(même pas peur) MÊME PAS PEUR!
Même pas peur.
Quand on crache dans l'air ça nous tombe toujours dessus.
Pas de marche arrière.
La vie ne vaut rien.
Rien ne vaut la vie.
À la vie !
The text
(english translation)
I'm fine.
Don't worry.
Everything is fine.
Anyway we're all gonna die.
It's not finished.
It feels delicious tonight.
The sun is about to rise.
Happiness is an ideal of the imagination.
I'm gonna be my own savant.
Nobody can shake my cage today.
As long as we'll be able to play, tell me 'I love you'.
... There's nobody.
It's normal to be afraid.
(Not even scared) NOT EVEN SCARED!
Not even scared.
When we spit into the air it always falls back on us.
No reverse.
Life is worthless.
Nothing is worth more than life.
To life!
Who are you Annie Abrahams ?
I've only got my name - I don't know yet - the one who tirelessly repeats that greeting your neighbour in the morning is a political act ?

What are the inspiration sources for your work ? 
Life, mine and what I can glimpse of other's.

Can you tell us more about the circumstances and the creation process of 'réconfort infini' ?
An encounter with David, who was participating as a performer in a performance at my exhibition Training for a better world at the CRAC in Sète in 2011.
At this exhibition there was also an audio piece, Peurs, created with two emergency rescue workers, that the mediators of the exhibition surrounded with words of reassurance collected amongst the public. A year later I had a residency with these same mediators at the Living Room in Montpellier. David came to see the closing performance of my residency and had an idea.

What is 'net-art' for you ?

...Trying to find alternative ways to resist against the powers of the companies who own social medium.Do simple html again....

... Learn how to code.

What are your needs of the moment and your upcoming projects ?
To live.

Annie Abrahams et David Lavaysse - 2013
10 cassettes / 1mn infinite loop
Numbered audio tapes. Hand made. 1mn infinite loop. Woodburned cherry artwork.
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#1 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#2 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#3 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#4 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#5 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#6 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#7 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#9 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#9 / - sold -
Réconfort infini (After Annie Abrahams)
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Cassette#10 / - sold -

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Réconfort Infini (After Annie Abrahams) - 7 days version with daily variations
Screenshot of the 7 days / 168 hours version with daily variations.

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