Histoire d'un document retrouvé.

Histoire d'un document retrouvé

A musical piece in ten parts and a prologue.
In search of the meaning of documents that felt into the hands of the narrator, three people gather : the narrator, Robertson, and Vittoria.

A text by Thomas Malesieux. Music by David Lavaysse.
With the voices of Roxane Borgna, Louis Chrétiennot, Julien Guill and Thomas Malésieux.
Production : 1fuse
Mix : Guilhem Granier
Mastering : Pierre Vandewaeter
Publishing : Ici d'ailleurs
Edition of 7 unique double cassettes

Slate cover. Handmade custom case. 5 pages booklet including a unique collage by Thomas Malésieux. Vintage paper from the 60's. Typewritter. Vintage unused tapes from the early 80's.
Available on request.

'Histoire d'un document retrouvé' is available on CD through Quadrilab.

Histoire d un document retrouvé - CD version - production 1fusé / David Lavaysse

'Histoire d'un document retrouvé' is available on Bandcamp, itunes, Google Play, ...

Thomas Malésieux - interview - 1fusé - 1fuse
Thomas Malésieux & David Lavaysse
Who are you Thomas Malésieux ?
A librarian. Giving good advice, I hope.

What are the inspiration sources for this text ?
Michelangelo Antonioni's movies, overdrafts, for some, during the course of this project. A source and a greeting. He was an incredible witness of his time.
Surely there are other presences and influences, but I wanted to be in a fiction, or even a soap opera, without much known figures.

Can you tell us more about the circumstances and the creation process of 'Histoire d'un document retrouvé' ?
Circumstances undoubtedly results from a meeting with David in the late 90's in London, on the trail of a festival. He regularly invited me afterwards to write and record some texts and immediately agreed to put 'Histoire d'un document retrouvé' in music.
Discovering the instrumentals and hearing other voices that give life to the characters, are for me, the highlights of the process.

What's the cinema for you in ?
Wait for news, read too much critics on upcoming movies. And possibly be delighted to see them in a theatre.

What are your needs of the moment and your upcoming projects ?
Drop a few tracks on the radio for the 10 years of the Hyperdub label, try to go to Art Basel, hide somewhere for a few days this summer to write new texts.

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