Et on clouera des comètes sur l'horizon en fuite

Performance with Véronique Béland

Lecture / Performance with Véronique Béland.

After a week of residence at the castle of Goutelas, a first performance was given on Friday May 13, 2022.


Excerpt from the program of the castle of Goutelas :

All this may be an illusion, but it would be distressing to think that comets have deployed great artifices since the dawn of time only to make a spectacle of themselves.

Véronique Béland, guest artist in 2020 for the exhibition Juste avant l'horizon du visible, meets musician David Lavaysse.
After two years of postponement (without ever meeting) and a week's residency at the Château de Goutelas, unpublished excerpts from Véronique Béland's novel-in-progress Et on clouera des comètes sur l'horizon en fuite (And we'll nail comets on the fleeing horizon) are embodied amidst the sounds of modular synthesizers, electromagnetic wave sensors, and a variety of other instruments & subterfuges, all of which are activated live by David Lavaysse.


Et on clouera des comètes sur l’horizon en fuite
Novel (in progress)

This is an ordinary story, an everyday story. A woman is going to die and she is so afraid that she refuses to face the truth and chooses to lock herself up in her isolated house in the heart of the Quebec forest.
This is the story of a huis clos where death rubs shoulders with life in pure fiction, and where the winter that slowly settles outside seems to metamorphose the characters as much as the landscape.
It is the story of a dying woman who, delirious, begins to talk to the dead and summons ancestors belonging to a whole lineage that inhabited - or haunted - this land in the past.
It is a story of ghosts who intervene in an inaudible cacophony, in an unusual game where farewells are not allowed.


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