Jizai body

Cutting-edge technologies applied to human body

I've been commissioned by art director Shutaro Oku to participate in three parts of the event 'Jizai Body Collection' which was held at the IHI stage around in Tokyo on November 4th, 2022.

My three interventions are :
• Music for the K-ballet Company led by Tetsuya KUMAKAWA, former principal dancer with the Royal Ballet, featuring a dancer with prosthetic limb.
• Music and stage sound recordings for the movie " Le robot graffeur 'fusionné' ".
• Music for the last part of the event, the 3D animated movie : " Dancing professor in the metaverse ".

The "JIZAI Body Project" is a science and technology research project held by a team of researchers led by professor Masahiko Inami in collaboration with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
The goal is to pursue visions of bodies that will thrive in a future where both the physical and virtual information world co-exist, through research that delves deeply into body augmentation technology using cutting-edge engineering and information science and its effects on physiological and psychological aspects.

In the modern information age, we are no longer limited to the bodies we are born with. We can extend ourselves using robotic bodies that move according to our will and virtual avatars borne of pure information. We can control multiple bodies at once or be merged with others to share a single body. We can freely move between physical and virtual spaces, transitioning between bodies as we wish and using them as our own.

The 'Jizai Body Collection' event is an opportunity to present the research conducted through the “JIZAI-BODY project”.
This vision of the future goes beyond the work done over the past 5 years. It is made even more spectacular by the imagination of the participating artists who are each at the forefront of their field.


→ Full video shooting of the event here.

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