Prelude to Homère's Odyssée

In 2020, for our second appearance at the Opéra Comédie de Montpellier, the manhwaga (a drawing artist of comic strips or 'Manhwa' in Korean) Young-Wook Beck, the video artist Pierre Sévila and myself were freely inspired by Homere's " Odyssey " to propose a show mixing live drawings, music and video.
A deliberately modern vision of this epic where the main protagonists, themes and plots are evoked through 6 parts.

The sanitary restrictions having forced the cancellation of these performances, we decided to make a video inspired by one of the parts of the initial show.
Calypso, the woman with whom Ulysses was kept for 7 years before his return to Ithaca, is at the centre of this creation created between Montpellier and Seoul in November 2020.
It's the tale of a sinking, an impossible love and departure as the only solution.

For the music, I mainly used instruments that were available at the time of Ancient Greece.

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