Prelude to Homère's Odyssée

Calypso, the woman with whom Ulysses was kept for 7 years before his return to Ithaca, is at the centre of this creation created between Montpellier and Seoul in november 2020.
It's the tale of a sinking, an impossible love and departure as the only solution.

For the music, I've mainly used instruments that were available at the time of ancient Greece.

This episode is part of a 6-part project freely inspired by Homere's Odyssey.
This show mixing live drawings, music and video was to be presented at the Opéra Comédie de Montpellier in November 2020.
Health measures forced the cancellation of these performances.
The premiere took place at the opéra comédie de Montpellier the 27th november 2021.


Drawings : Young-Wook Beck
Video : Pierre Sévila

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